Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #1

Friday Fill-Ins is a fun weekly book meme. Why not join in?

1. When will my review copy of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre arrive?

2. Undead and Unwed was the last good book I read or movie I saw or TV show I watched.

3. Everything has its beauty but not everything tastes nice.

4. Fish is what I had for dinner.

5. I'd like your comment, or at least for you to enter my giveaway.

6. At the seaside is where I want to be right now. 

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing some more studying, tomorrow my plans include a lot more studying and Sunday, I want to watch Angels & Demons!


Anonymous said...

First time to join FF? :) Happy Weekend!

Nikola said...


Ryan G said...

If you watch the movie let us know what you thought of it :-)

Just Me said...

#3 is so true! Great answer!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
:-) Stacey

Diana_CT said...

I also want to be on a beach right now, it is starting to get hot and muggy.

Cynthia said...

This is a cute meme! I want to be at the beach too, haven't been all summer :(

Good luck with your studying!

Janet said...

I love vampire stories too!