Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazing News - Cunninghamfan Coming to America!

As you may have noticed, my blog has been on another hiatus lately... However, for the first time ever, the reason for this hiatus is not something bad - illness or death in family, as it was earlier on.

I have been super busy studying and dealing with the paperwork because I won a scholarship for one school year in America! That's right, I will be studying at Humbold State University, California, for a year - starting this August.

I am super excited to do this, not only because of the obvious reason, but also getting a chance to maybe even attend an amazing book signing or two,  or meet some of you. So any of you guys in California somewhere? I am pretty sure I will go to San Francisco, Sacramento and LA during my stay, so if there is someone to show me around town or maybe point me in a direction of a book shop, I would be  most grateful! Let me know!

I am now getting down to business writing reviews I haven't yet written, wrapping up the ancient giveaways I still haven't wrapped up, and all in all, getting this blog into order.

What have you been up to?