Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wish List Wednesdays #4

The latest book that has made its appearance on my wish list was Ian McEwan' The Comfort of Strangers. I have recently seen the film (starring Rupert Everett, Natasha Richardson, Helen Mirren and Christopher Walken) and found it contemplative and cathartic. I would love to get to read this book, and also Ian McEwan's other books (Atonement, for example).

As their holiday unfolds, Colin and Maria are locked into their own intimacy. They groom themselves meticulously, as though someone is waiting for them who cares deeply about how they appear. When they meet a man with a disturbing story to tell, they become drawn into a fantasy of violence and obsession.

What's on your wishlist?


- Bella - said...

Hi Nikola ;)

I loved your blog, therefore I follow you ^ ^.
Yeah, Stephenie Meyer will published a new book, really good. It will be different, i hope.

I had heard nothing about this book by Ian McEwan. Sounds good :)

In my wishlist...mmmm... ¡City of Fallen Angels! The fourth book of mortal instruments series :) Do you like it?

P.S Sorry, sometimes my englis is not very good xDDD

dArLyN said...

Rupert Everet sound familiar. Hope you'll get what you wish for *wink*

Vivienne said...

I have only ever attempted to read one of his books 'Saturday' and I found it really boring, but I have heard that 'Cement Garden' is good as well as 'Atonement'

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am not sure why but I have been wanting hex Hall as since I seen it showing up in peoples mailbox posts. Today - it came in the mail (I ordered it):)

Matt said...

The book is eerie and disturbing, although the writing is crisp.