Monday, August 9, 2010

100th Post! 200 followers! Blogoversary!

Dear readers, reviewers, followers, commenters, authors, publishers, etc.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you for helping me make it to 100 posts, or in other words, 200 followers! Or, if you're into dates, one year of blogging!

Starting this blog, I never knew this might happen. Let's go back in time - I've always loved reading and browsing the internet one day, I stumbled upon a number of book blogs and was highly impressed by this fabulous community. So, on Monday, August 10 2009, I created my very own book blog, entitled Nikola's Book Blog. Simple, huh?

The very first book review I posted was on Zoe Heller's Notes on a Scandal. Since then, I tracked my reading habits and reading choices, learning that I in fact had very diverse taste in books - I love literary fiction, but I also love to relax with chick flick or thrillers or even a romance or two.

The community part of book blogging was always so vital and this is why I would like to thank some fellow book bloggers. Amanda of the Zen Leaf, thank you for being one of the first people to visit my blog and comment on it. Also, thank you for always being up for a chat, for creating the GLBT challenge (this one I am so grateful for!) and for your amazing posts - I love your mixture of personal thoughts and general info on books. Also, Sheila of Book Journey - thanks for being one of the first blogs I stumbled upon and also the one I still visit almost every day. You have such a great track record with your posts and reviews and I love that you are addicted to coffee and Gilmore Girls. I am too. Ryan of Wordsmithonia for being a great friend and a regular visitor. Melissa of Mel's World for being so sweet. Wendy of ItsJustMe for being so loyal. Brent of The Naughty Book Kitties for doing an interview with me. I'd love to meet all of you in person one day!

Another thing I got into since I started blogging was the book industry - I feel like I've learnt so much! This is why I try and feature authors on my blog as often as possible - interviews, giveaways, etc. The first one was Katherine Neville - one of my favorite authors and I remember I was shaking when I sent her the email. However, her publicist Lisa Barnes was super sweet and so my first giveaway was very high-profile! After her, I hosted M. D Griffith, Suzanne Selfors, Ben H. Winters, David H. Burton, Dan Begley, Lisabet Sarai... Thanks to all these authors for trusting in me.

So there you have it. 100 posts, 200 followers and my blog turns one tomorrow! After a year, I don't feel much smarter, just a bit more informed. So tell me - what is it you like and what is it you'd like changed. Questions, comments, concerns.



Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Happy blogoversary Nikola! So nice to have you in the book blogging community =O)

I just had my one year on Thursday. I'm having a giveaway so stop by and enter, if you like. Here's the link:

itsJUSTme said...

Woo Hoo!
Happy - 100, 200, 1 yr.!
Way to go. I love your blog, keep it up.
Hey, ya know, you never showed us pictures of your vacation.

Anonymous said...

Happy one year!!! :D It's crazy how far we've all come in such a short year as far as blogging is concerned.

Trae said...

Congratulations!! Keep up the good work.

Jenny Girl said...

Happy Blogoversary! Seems like forever doesn't it?
I also like the sense of community book blogging gives me. I feel this is the one place I can come and share peices of me without being judged, or pushed to the side.

I have learned quite a bit about myself and others while blogging. Not to mention all of the great books out there. I have also learned that there is so much more for me to read. I thought I was well read before this, well apparently not.

Congrats on your 1 year and I look forward to more wonderful posts from you in the future :)

Nikola said...

Michelle, thanks for stopping by and happy blogoversary to you to! Sure I'll stop by the giveaway!

Wendy, you're right about the pictures. I may post them soon enough. Maybe. :)

Michelle (#2), you're so right! My first year of blogging flew by!

Trae, thanks so much!

Jenny, I feel like I've learned a LOT about myself - especially when it comes to certain genres that I'm learning to love.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Oh Nikola! I have to give you hugs. :) Thank you so much for the kind words. I wanted to stop in to just say congrats on your great acheivements, followers, posts, and the blog being a year old now. :) These are all great things to celebrate. But I was so surprised to have the kind words mentioned of me. :)

So, here is a huge big CONGRADULATION!!!!! to you.

And hope you have many many more to come. :)

Nikola said...

Thanks Melissa! And of course I'd mention you.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

You are too kind. :)

Ceri said...

Congratulations on your blogoversary and your 200 followers, hun! :D

Keep it up, I love your blog.

Amanda said...

Amazing that that all happened at the same time! Wow. Happy blogoversary, and congrats on the 100/200! I had no idea I was one of the first people commenting here! When I first saw your blog I thought you'd been established for quite some time. :) Thank you so much for your kind words.

Nikola said...

"When I first saw your blog I thought you'd been established for quite some time."

I didn't believe you for one second, but it definitely sounds great!

Thanks for being a great blogging friend!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh happy anniversary - blogiversary 100 posts - 2oo followers - YAY to it all! :D

Congratulations! I am kicking myself for not seeing this post earlier.

Virtual cupcakes for you my friend!!!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh and thank you for the mention too! I love that you visit often and hopefully share a cup of coffee with me in the morning :D

Nikola said...

Thanks for the kind words Sheila - I do visit everyday, but haven't been able to comment on your posts since recently - I think it has something to do with Wordpress and my computer :(