Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review: Desperate Housewives - Behind Closed Doors

Back in 2004, one show came out of nowhere, only to become the most talked about thing on television, almost singlehandedly putting the ABC network back on the radar. The hit show was Desperate Housewives, which is now still going strong, currently in its six season.

Behind Closed Doors is a companion coffee-table book to the first season of the show. It takes a look back on the conception of this cult phenomenon, the five actresses whose careers were salvaged by their roles as housewives and finally, the many characters, plots and every minor detail imaginable, as long as it deals with the lives of Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabby.

The first thing that pops off the page is how impeccably the book is designed. There are plenty of high quality pictures both from the show and from behind the scenes, the treasure throve of information this book provides is organized clearly and aesthetically - it's really a book to put on your favorite coffee table. The best part is probably the styles of each housewives - how they're dressed for the show, why they're dressed like that and finally, how the wardrobe reflects the characters. There is also a very interesting and detailed insight into each episode of the first season.

Obviously, this book will be bought exclusively by the people who already love the show. However, it can also be useful to anyone who is has come late to the party that is Desperate Housewives. I highly recommend this book.


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