Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: Rage - Gay Crusader

I don't have much reading experience when it comes to graphic novels, so I was excited to read this one as part of my LGBT Reading Challenge. This month's mini challenge is to read a graphic novel containing GLBT themes, so I picked Rage - Gay Crusader.

Rage is a spin off comic book from the hit TV show Queer as Folk. Its plot alludes to some first season plot points and the characters are drawn based on their TV counterparts. The comic book actually plays an important part in the show, so it was fun to actually get to read it.

Rage is a superhero, living with his faithful sidekick in the city of Gayopolis (one of the many campy details featured in the book). His good looks often help him solve problems on the streets, which is not surprising, since he is based on the actor Gale Harold, who plays the show's protagonist. There is not much to the story, really - he saves a teen from a brutal gay bashing and then beds him. However, the imagery was simply beautiful. Black and white, detailed, nostalgic of the show.

There is not really much to say about this, but I am sure this mini graphic novel will be enjoyed even by people who never watched the show (shame on you!). All in all, it is a fun little graphic novel that doesn't take itself too seriously. Recommended.
This book counts toward my GLBT challenge.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I didn't realize they actually had a comic of this. That's fun. I love QAF.


Ceri said...

This looks pretty awesome. :D I'm actually a fan of the original Queer as Folk Series - the UK version. Love it.

Amanda said...

I feel so dumb - I didn't even know this show existed! I'm really bad when it comes to TV really. I almost never watch it...

Nikola said...

@Mag I think it is now considered a collector's item. QAF is my favorite show in existence!

@Ceri I've never seen the UK version. I also don't think I could see it now, after loving the US one so much :)

@Amanda AMANDA!! You have to see QAF!!

Ladybug said...

I have actually never heard of the show, but it sounds like I need to check it out :-)

I'm a little skeptical to graphic novels. I used to love superhero cartoons when I was younger but now I haven't seen anything I like. I read the first part of Sandman by Neil Gaiman and I really didn't like it. So it kind of put me off everything else.

Amberly said...

This Show is the best ever. I just came across it. I watched the UK version first. After watching it i thought it was a great show but watching the USA version. OMG I fell in love with it. Its so much long then the UK version which makes me happy that im on season 4 right now and I dont know whats going to happen next and its driving me crazy... obviouly Justin and Brian are my favorite. lol but this show is amazing!