Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

There is rarely a book that shakes the blogosphere as much as Hush, Hush did. Starting with the gorgeous cover, then followed by the information that the Edward Cullen of Fitzpatrick's universe is a fallen angel (!), it really does not come as a surprise that this book has done so well.

And now, after reading it, I cannot wait to get my hands on Crescendo, the sequel, not because I loved the book. Rather, it felt like a big trailer that helps establish the author's mythology before the story kicks in. And I am sorry to say, the story and the characters in Hush, Hush were paper-thin.

Nora Grey, the protagonist of Hush, Hush was one of the most idiotic characters I've recently read in YA fiction. If Hush, Hush were a horror movie, Nora would be the first one to grab a banana as a weapon and run upstairs instead of get out of the house. I felt like the majority of the book was spent on Nora contemplating how dangerous most of her options seem and then choosing on the most dangerous one. Usually, this would be attributed to the passion and electricity between her and Patch, the bad boy angel. Too bad I never felt this electricity myself. Nora didn't work for me at all and I would rather see Vee, her best friend and a far more intriguing character, as the protagonist.

On the other hand, Patch is one hot tamale. Although his mystery doesn't quite kick in until halfway into the book (the readers, unlike Nora, are aware of the book cover, which is a spoiler in itself), he is a bona fide bad boy. It was really refreshing to have a character like this - teen love is often insecure and scary, so it seemed fitting. I don't know anyone who had a Bella/Edward sort of relationship in their teens, unless they are suffering from the Benjamin Button syndrome. So, when it comes to Patch, I give a big thumbs up to Becca Fitzpatrick.

Finally, the story itself. It was definitely intriguing and creepy at times. It's a book you read in record time, and forget even faster. The whole guy in a ski mask mystery worked fabulously, but I had huge problems with the mythology of Fitzpatrick's universe. The whole angel hoopla was incredibly confusing for me and ultimately, I found that I didn't exactly care how the plot was going to turn out.

So, it's a mixed bag. I guess I am getting a bit too old for YA novels that are written without any other audience in mind. Hush, Hush was a nice diversion, but nothing else. I do believe Crescendo will be better - now that all the necessary introductions are over and done with, there is actually chance for a good plot to emerge. I hope.



Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I really like the way you summed this up. I too got sucked into the hype (and lured in by the gorgeous cover) but, as time passed, I found it a quick and forgettable read.

You've managed to tease out the specifics to my reaction in your reference to this story simply being an introduction to lay the groundwork for something more intense. At least, I hope it is more intense.

Thanks for the review.

Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr Book Reviews

Orhedea said...

Must disappoint you. Crescendo's pretty much the same. I replied to your comment on my blog, since you don't have a contact me button)

Wall-to-wall books said...

Whoa! Blog make over!
Love it. It looks good on you.

Alexa said...

You may not like Crescendo then because although the mystery gets better Nora is even more annoying in Crescendo. I found that if one focuses on Patch and the mystery that it usually makes it better. I personally liked Crescendo but if you hated Nora here you are going to hate her even more in the next book.

Elodie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog !! I'm your latest follower !!

I liked Hush Hush but I prefered Crescendo personally !Thanks for your review ;)

Alexia561 said...

Great review! I was hesistant to read this one because of all of the hype, and wound up not liking either Patch or Nora. Agree with you that I found Vee more interesting. Love the cover though, and will still read Crescendo to see what happens.

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