Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BookMooch and other updates.

Hello, darlings!

I was thinking I should write a non-review or giveaway post just so I could catch you up with what's been going on in my world. Lately, I have been reading books less for fun and more because I had to. Thank God I like them! I am currently hanging out with Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, a book I've read once before and absolutely loved. A review is coming soon.

Also, you may have noticed that I am hosting a super fun giveaway. The book is Coffeehouse Angel, which I've seen a lot around the blogosphere, so it was only natural to request a review copy. If you haven't read the review, now's your chance. It is a great, cozy, fluffy book for this time of year. I also expect many of you to enter the giveaway, so that's exciting as well!

I find it hard to visit all of your blogs, and I apologize for that. I wish there was an easier way for me to read all the posts (though I do read like 80% of everything) and especially to leave a comment. I am working on this, so give me time. :)

Finally, I have joined BookMooch! Any people out there who could provide me tips? I'm loving it so far and am sending out my copy of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre to a lady in America next week.



Cindy said...

Yay you should add me as a friend on bookmooch! let me know ur username and ill add ya!

Amanda said...

Ooh, you'll have to let me know your bookmooch address so we can friend-up. I'm under "Amanda Gignac (USA: TX)" - if you were still interested in exchanging books for the Harry Potter collection, if you wanted to put a Serbian copy on bookmooch and reserve it for my profile, you'd get 3 points for mailing it to me, and I could do the same for you with a book that you want. :)

elnice said...

I understand about feeling bad about not visiting everyone. Same boat. I just started bookmooch too, but I use paperback swap more often.

Elie (Ellz Readz)

Vivienne said...

I know what you mean about visiting all the blogs. It is so hard to get around to all of them.

I hope you enjoy Bookmooch. Best advice, don't put up too many books to send at one time. It ends up costing a fortune.

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

I too belong to bookmooch.
Do you belong to paperbackswap? I like that much better!
Bookmooch never seems to have the books that I want, and I NEVER get wish list books. On PBS I get wishlist books all the time.
Also I like the message boards on PBS.

nishitak said...

just recently signed up on Bookmooch. I"ve heard of paperbackswap as well. Need to probably sign up on that as well :D